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Environmental, Humanitarian, Animal Rights

Issues and movements concerning the ecological and human environment, human or animal rights and welfare.

Unahi Mindanao Inc.
Non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the largest remaining virgin rainforest in the Philippines and its inhabitants, through its agro-forestry Buffer Zone Project and other initiatives.
Location: Victoria Australia & Mindanao Phillipines

Save The Primates - Conservation, Support, Awareness for Endangered Primates
Australian non-profit organisation raising awareness about endangered primates & raising funds for primate conservation & wildlife sanctuaries projects, including select PASA Sanctuaries, for primate enclosures, education centres & programs, and animal rescues. Currently funding the Chimfunshi Sanctuary Project and info about issues such as the Bushmeat Trade, the Wildlife Trade, Animal Experimentation and info on Primates Close To Extinction. You can help by making a donation for Chimfunshi Wildlife Sanctuary, or signup to our Save The Primates Newsletter for updates.
Location: Australia

Animal World USA
A coalition of individuals, organizations, and shelters in the Mid-South USA working
together to save healthy, adoptable companion animals from unnecessary
Location: USA



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