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Introduction - About Pearls Of Wisdom

and welcome to the home of Inspiration, Awareness, Peace & Harmony

The purpose of this website is to offer food for the soul through inspirational wisdom,
inspirational quotes, spiritual quotes sayings, stories, prayers, affirmations, and
sharing important issues such as the environment, health, peace.  The goal is
to awaken individuals to their true power through awareness, to assist
with self-empowerment for both women and men, spiritual growth,
and personal development for a happier and more peaceful life.

Many different perspectives are represented for your inner reflection and they will touch your heart, inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, make you angry, make you laugh - all will assist you on your personal journey of self-growth.

The real voyage of discovery
consists not in
seeing new landscapes,
but in having new eyes."

- Marcel Proust -


Unsustainable & illegal hunting of wildlife in Asia, West/Central Africa, and rainforests has caused a crisis threatening extinction of primates, destruction of the environment and transmission of disease. A report by the Wildlife Conservation Society estimates that the global industry is worth $6 billion per year. Interpol suggests this figure is second only to drugs as a world wide black-market.

  • The Bushmeat Trade could eliminate all viable populations of African apes within the next 5-15 years.
  • Chimpanzees are now extinct in five of the 25 countries they once inhabited. Today there is thought to be only around 150,000 chimpanzees remaining
  • Many primate species number only in dozens, and some only in the hundreds.
  • 25 percent of primates are at risk of extinction.

Save The Primates helps to create awareness of the impending extinction in the wild of many primate species and contributes to an improved quality of life for those that have been displaced by human behaviour.

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Awaken and Lift the Veil of Your Consciousness -

All Gods are One God
  • Learn who you really are, become best you can be;
  • Learn to understand yourself, and change your life and circumstances by coming to know that your thoughts and your words create your reality;
  • Know that you ALWAYS have a choice;
  • Learn to love yourself, your fellow human-beings and also Mother Earth!
  • Know that all paths(not just one) lead to the same abundant Source and that we are all connected and are all One.
  • Learn to conquer your fears and live your life to its fullest potential.

It is hoped that you come away feeling informed, uplifted, enlightened, inspired, motivated or comforted by the messages contained within each piece of wisdom and other issues discussed in these pages. Take your time reading each one, absorb the words, and let them whisper gently into your heart and soul.

"Life is either
a daring adventure
or nothing"
- Helen Keller -

More quotes... 

I am neither an author nor a poet, and can take no credit for any of these inspirations, I merely present them. Regardless of their source, I believe them to be Spirit speaking to us, through these many and varied enlightened authors. Some date back thousands of years, some are contemporary, and other author sources are 'lost' in the iniquity of time and space, but all are meant to leave a lasting impression.

Feel free to Bookmark this site, and keep returning, perhaps when you or a friend need some inspiration or words of comfort - you never know, there may be something for you just at the right moment! 'And so it is' with the magic and power of words...

To begin your journey, scroll down to the 'Site Tour' below for an overview, use the Site Map, or use the Search function at the bottom of each page.

.....enjoy your visit 

Don't believe in the Power of Words?
View a Flash presentation from Wisdom From Water by Masaru Emoto, then decide for yourself...


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For better viewing pleasure, you can download the font **here**and copy to your Fonts directory.




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Wisdom Quotes & Sayings
Inspirational sayings and quotes - wisdom to encourage awakening to the power of our authentic selves and our Spirit.

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Inspirational poems, prayers, blessings, sayings, affirmations and stories - insights into life and love for spiritual reflection and personal growth.

Buddhist Wisdom
Sayings, quotes, wisdom and other basic teachings relating to general Buddhist or Zen beliefs and philosophy.

Native American Wisdom
Sayings, quotes, wisdom and articles reflecting the beliefs, philosophy and issues of the Native Americans.

Inspirational Movies
Spiritually oriented inspirational films based on metaphysical concepts & The Law Of Attraction, to expand your consciousness & inspire new ways of thinking & being.

Inspirational Song Lyrics
Song lyrics for heart and soul - inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking. Songs that awaken the spirit, offer hope and encourage self-empowerment, peace, insights, life lessons and reflections in relationship with others, the earth and ourselves.

Peace & Activism Pages
Peace issues, articles, quotes, alternative news and peace causes. Become aware of what is happening around the globe. Support worthwhile causes that promote peace, harmony, and sustain our environment.

Empowering Women
Quotes, poems, self-growth tools and books, encouraging women to become empowered and grow into their authentic power, to be the best they can be and to let their Spirit, their Goddess Selves, shine through.

Soul Shoppe
Shop consciously with alternative, inspirational, environmentally friendly products and services that promote health and personal growth. Books, gifts, clothes, unique home items.

Health Naturally
Common Health Issues, Chemicals In Our Food & Water, Vaccinations, Genetically Modified Foods, Mental Health, the Environment and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Holistic Directory
Directory of sites with a spiritual, inspirational, healing or soul growth theme, offering personal insights and understanding, for spiritual learning, personal growth, raising personal and global consciousness.

Alternative Health
An alternative look at issues affecting our health, from food to the environment to the pharmaceutical industry. (Coming Soon)



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