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Alternative & Holistic Health

Sites offering information or services relating to complementary medicine or alternative holistic living.

Health Naturally
Videos and information from alternative perspective on health, food, cancer, vaccinations and more, that affect our health and wellbeing.

Salts For Health Salt Therapy Rooms
Gain natural, drug-free, safe relief from chronic and acute conditions such as respiratory & skin problems, allergies, lung conditions, cystic fibrosis, snoring, arthritic conditions, hayfever, and more. Boost your immunity, calm your nervous system, improve overall health and wellbeing, reduce effects of electro-smog. Simply sit in our salt room in comfy chairs and just breathe and relax while the salt enters your body and boosts your immune system and the negative ions help relax your nervous system. Make a salt therapy booking today, or learn about Salt Therapy Benefits.
Location: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia

Ancient Fire
Come, walk the ancient fire. Firewalk through your fears, your limited beliefs, the resistance that holds you back in life. Let your spirit guide you as you take this journey to a place unknown to the conscious mind, yet so familiar to our ancient souls.
Location: NH, USA

Ancient Vocies Harmonic Therapy
Harmonic therapy is a form of sound therapy. The didgeridoo is a powerful tool tohelp lift an individual's vibrations back to a less chaotic & natural rhythm. It helps achieve healing results through ultrasound therapy, energetic entrainment & meditation.
Location: NH, USA

A Way 2 Better Health
Pam Fettu, a Classical Homeopath, in San Diego County, offers her services of homeopathy and natural healing.
Location: CA, USA

EFT Consultations
Resources, including consultations, articles, and a free newsletter, that link the power of the Emotional Freedom Technique with the Law of Attraction.
Location: NY, US

Holistic Network Exchange
Over 500 Health Articles, Massage Therapists and Alternative Health Practitioners Directory, Safe Natural Homeopathics Remedies, plus tips to stay healthy. Empowering people to make pro-active health choices.
Location: CA, USA,

Spiritual Learning
Life coach training and spiritual counseling from The Holistic Learning Center. With 25 years of experience our life coach training with teach you how to teach others to achieve self-actualization and personal success.
Location: NJ, Canada

Super Salt Lamps
Our lamps are made of Himalayan Salt Crystal Rocks and provide a comfortable atmosphere.
Location: Pakistan

Walks With Hawks Herbs
Alternative medicine and herbs A-Z. Quantum solutions,  meditation, Profiles, Dreams, Theraputic Healing etc.
Location: Kentucky USA



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