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Peace & Activism

Sites and organisations that promote or advocate nonviolent social change, or discuss issues relating to peace principles and practice, as well as social justice.

Angel Animals Network
This organization is dedicated to increasing love and respect for all life - one story at a time.
Location: MN, USA

Alternative News and Views
Expanding awareness of global and poliltical issues by media other than mainstream.

Peace Pages
Become aware and contribute in bringing peace, harmony and happiness to your fellow humans, yourself and the world in general.


More Peace & Activism Sites...

Peace In Practice
Add your peace through self-knowledge, self-development and direct action. This website provides a comprehensive Directory of Internet resources, as well as poetry, reflections, and actions to promote peace, which the webmaster views as freedom from violence hand in hand with meeting the basic needs of all. Namaste.
Location: Australia

Russell Means
Home page of Russell Means, a prolific activist for indigenous and constitutional rights, actor, artist and author.
Location: USA



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