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Inspirational Song Lyrics - Music Lyrics for Soul Awakening

"Music is a higher revelation
than all wisdom and philosphy.
Music is the electrical soil
in which the spirit lives,
thinks and invents."

~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~
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A collection of motivational inspirational song lyrics to inspire, uplift, provoke thought, stir the heart, spirit and soul, and which also offer hope and encourage in moments of feeling down, as well as encouraging  self-empowerment.

Music Lyrics - Songs For The Soul, From The Soul...

The song lyrics in this section were selected to provide insights, lessons and reflections into life, both in relationship with others and also with ourselves as individuals.

From sad songs, to love songs, songs about relationships and life, spiritual songs, songs to empower, anti-war songs and environment songs... musicians communicate messages through music inspired from soul/spirit to assist us on our life's journey. 

You may also wish to read some music quotes & sayings by music lovers and musicians who understand how music can touch, heal, inspire and soothe from a soul level.

The inspirational songs lyrics are chosen for the messages they contain,
rather than whether or not they are popular in the music charts. 

** Because it can sometimes it can be hard to appreciate the full message, or the energy of the message, unless you actually hear the song, youtube video clips have been provided for most of the songs.  Enjoy!

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Love & Relationships Song Lyrics:

Sympathetic Character : Alanis Morissette
Thank U : Alanis Morissette
Total Eclipse Of The Moon : Enigma
To Where You Are : Josh Groban

Environment / Humanitarian / Spiritual Awareness Song Lyrics:

Are You Gonna Go My Way : Lenny Kravitz
Calling Occupants : Carpenters
Freedom Time : Lauryn Hill
Gimme Some Truth : John Lennon
I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama : John Lennon
In The Year 2525 : Zager & Evans
Imagine : John Lennon
Modern Crusaders : Enigma
No Bravery : James Blunt
Silent Warrior : Enigma
The Logical Song : Supertramp
You Say That The Battle is Over : John Denver

The Soul Speaks Song Lyrics:

I Am : Chakra
Yah Mo Be B There : James Ingram
Return To Innocence : Enigma
Let Me Fall : Josh Groban
Following The Sun : Enigma
Out From The Deep : Enigma

Believe : Lenny Kravitz
The Roundabout : Enigma


Life, Encouragement & Hope Song Lyrics:

Remember The Dream : James Ingram
What your Soul Sings : Massive Attack 
Everybody Hurts : R.E.M.
Hands : Jewel
Whatever We Imagine : James Ingram
That I Would Be Good : Alanis Morissette
Would Not Come : Alanis Morissette
Crippled Inside : John Lennon
Hand In My Pocket : Alanis Morissette
Somewhere Over The Rainbow : Various Artists
Beyond The Invisible : Enigma
Silence Must Be Heard : Enigma
What A Wonderful World : Louis Armstrong

Song Lyrics to Empower Women:

Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing : Salt-N-Pepa
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves : Aretha Franklin/Eurythmics

Birth / Death Song Lyrics:

Remember Me : Josh Groban
Dancer To The Drum : Beth Nielsen Chapman
Everybody : Richard Ashcroft
Fly : Celine Dion


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