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Alternative Shopping, Services & Gifts - Holistic & Spiritual

Inspirational, alternative products and services that are of a spiritual, eco-friendly, promote health, personal growth theme - for the conscious shopper.

A Sweet Hawaii Wedding - Sacred Mystical Hawaiian Weddings
Barefoot weddings that merge your spirit with the sacred mystical elements of ancient Hawaiian rituals that honor the island’s magnificent heritage, myths and traditions. Choose from Hawaiian Wedding Bliss Package, Sacred Hawaiian Wedding Package or Oahu Barefoot Wedding package.
Location: Oahu & Kauai, Hawaii

Innova Pacific Salt Lamps
Salt crystal lamps, or salt lamps, are made of unique crystal rock hundreds of millions of years old. They are known to generate negative ions which improve the quality of the air, thus enhancing your health and wellbeing. Innova Pacific's saltcrystal lamps come from particular locations in the world known for the clarity and ionising qualities of the saltcrystal.
Location: Victoria, Australia

Spirit Circle Metaphysical Gifts
Peaceful and empowering tools for transpersonal growth. Especially popular in meta-physical, spirituality, 12-step and self-help communities, the Spirit Circle gifts offer simple encouragement for total wellness of body, mind and spirit.

Journey of the Maiden (Wise Women Ink, LLC)
54 Wisdom Cards to empower and inspire young women everywhere.

Wisdom of the Crone (Wise Women Ink, LLC)
A deck of 54 wisdom cards based on the adage; "If you seek the truth, ask a wise woman." This deck is graced with images of women between the ages of 50 and 103 and words of inspiration on the back of each card.



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