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 Edgar Cayce Wisdom Quotes

A collection of inspirational quotes & sayings by Edgar Cayce, a psychic and healer. Also known as the 'Sleeping Prophet', who gave readings by tapping into a universal level of mind, and covered topics of physical health, past life readings, business advice, dream interpretation and mental/spiritual health.


Actually, we have no problems -
we have opportunities for which we should give thanks...
An error we refuse to correct has many lives.
It takes courage to face one's own shortcomings
and wisdom to do something about them.

You grow to heaven. You don't go to heaven.

All souls were created in the beginning and are finding
their way back to whence they came.

Each soul enters with a mission.
We all have a mission to perform.

He who understands nature walks close with God.

Life is continuous, and is Infinite.

In each atom, in each corpuscle, is life.
Life is that you worship as God.

For the earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds.

The conquering of self is truly greater than were one to
conquer many worlds.

The spirit is life.
The mind is the builder.
The physical is the result.

It is not all of life to live,
nor yet all of death to die.
For life and death are one,
and only those who will consider the experience as one
may come to understand or
comprehend what peace indeed means.

Death is only passing through God's other door.

You see, death is not the grave as many people think.
It is another phenomenized form of life.

Only the destructive forces know death as lord.
Only spiritual forces know life as the Lord.
Know ye the Lord!

The last to be overcome is death,
and the knowledge of life is the knowledge of death.

Learn to live!
Then there is no death, save the transition, when desired.
Many live who have never died as yet.

Death in the physical is the birth in the spiritual.
Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual.

All you may know of heaven or hell
is within your own self.

From what may anyone be saved?
Only from themselves!
That is, their individual hell.
They dig it with their own desires.

You'll not be in heaven if you're not leaning on the arm
of someone you have helped.

About Edgar Cayce(1877 – 1945)
Edgar Cayce Edgar Cayce, also known as the Sleeping Prophet) was a devout Christian who read the Bible in its entirety once a year. He had a psychic gift from childhood, which put him on his career path at the age of 21 as a psychic and healer.  He was able to put himself into an altered state of consciousness, or sleeping state. In this state, he was able to tap into a universal level of mind and answer various kinds of questions, usually related to a particular individual. These 'readings', covered topics of physical health, past life readings, business advice, dream interpretation and mental/spiritual health. His success rate for physical readings was 100%, and many of his global and medical predicitions have come true.

In 1931 he founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to document, research and disseminate his information. The A.R.E. currently house all of his readings (over 14,000) and follow-ups to the readings, all of which are available to the public.

There are several biographies on Edgar Cayce, as well as over 300 titles discussing various aspects of his life and work. Among these are:
. There Is a River (1942) by Thomas Sugrue
. The Sleeping Prophet (1967) by Jess Stearn
. Many Mansions (1950) by Gina Cerminara, and
. Edgar Cayce-An American Prophet (2000) by Sidney Kirkpatrick

For more information about Edgar Cayce, visit the Association for Research and Enlightenment

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