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Health - Mental, Physical & Spiritual


Books and other products to assist with healing you on a mental, physical and spiritual level.


Total Transformation Package
A Mind/Body Approach to Weight Loss Without Dieting
by Jon Gabriel

Available formats: Digital download, includes: video book, mp3s, ebooks, online support
Synopsis »

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, I may be able to help you. But you have to understand:

- This is NOT a diet.
- This is NOT about grueling exercise.
- This is NOT about high-priced gym memberships.
- This is NOT about any form of drugs.
- This is NOT about meal plans.
- Or frankly, anything else that you think you've seen or heard before.

It is that unique.

Dieting doesn't work because it turns the fat switch on. So even though you lose weight in the short term, it makes your body want to GAIN weight. So you become hungrier and you crave fattening foods, your metabolism slows down and your body loses the ability to burn fat well.

I devised a method of losing weight that focuses solely on turning off the fat switch. And that's how I lost my weight and that's how everyone else who is following The Gabriel Method is losing weight too.

The Cure Is...
by David Scharps

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The Cure Is ...

A transformational film about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our profoundly powerful human body?

THE CURE IS… unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

It is time for us look beyond the band-aid approach of medicine in our Western culture and deeper into the unlimited healing capacity of the human body.

THE CURE IS… Join the revolution to health and happiness!
Synopsis »

A transformational film about how every human body is brilliantly designed for vitality and longevity. Why then is our health and life expectancy declining? Have we lost our connection to our natural way of living? Is it possible there is a powerful and effective means to address our health and disease, which can assist in tapping into our natural healing capacity of our profoundly powerful human body?

THE CURE IS… unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. Amazing true stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery that will radically shift the way you look at health and disease forever.

It is time for us look beyond the band-aid approach of medicine in our Western culture and deeper into the unlimited healing capacity of the human body.

THE CURE IS… Join the revolution to health and happiness!

The Body Ecology Diet Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity
by Donna Gates

Available formats: Paperback
isbn: 978-1-4019-3543-6
Synopsis »
If you're experiencing discomfort, fatigue, or other symptoms that won't go away no matter what you do or how many doctors you see, chances are you're one of the millions unknowingly suffering from a systemic fungal/yeast infection, "the hidden invader." The result of an imbalance starting in your internal ecosystem, this can be a key factor in headaches, joint and muscle pain, depression, cancer, food allergies, digestive problems, autism, and other immune-related disorders. The Body Ecology Diet reveals how to restore and maintain the "inner ecology" your body needs to function properly, and eliminate or control the symptoms that rob you of the joy of living. Tens of thousands of people have already benefited from the Body Ecology way of life-Donna Gates shows you, step-by-step, how to eat your way to better health and well-being . . . deliciously, easily, and inexpensively! In this book, you will learn how to: use seven basic universal principles as tools to gain mastery over every health challenge you may encounter; focus on your inner ecology to create ideal digestive balance; conquer cravings with strategies for satisfying snacking and for dining away from home; and plan meals with dozens of delectable recipes, an array of menus, and detailed shopping lists.

Wired for Joy! - A Revolutionary Method for Creating Happiness From Within
by Laurel Mellin

Available formats: Paperback

isbn: 978-1-4019-2586-4

Synopsis »

Can you imagine a world where drug companies throw bake sales to make ends meet? A world without all the jaw clenching, nail biting, and stress-induced melt downs? Eighty percent of health problems today are due to the downstream effects of stress, so learning to break free from stress could dramatically improve your mood, your relationships, your health––and your life.

In Wired for Joy, researcher and New York Times–bestselling author Laurel Mellin presents a simple yet proven way to train your brain to move through stress and back to joy. Her method has been called the missing link in health care, as it focuses on rewiring the emotional brain—the caldron of our stress—rather than the thinking brain, which has been the focus of most other stress-busting methods.

Based on the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticity, Mellin outlines the five states of the emotional brain. For each state she presents a specific tool that easily and quickly switches the brain back to a state of well-being. Once you know how to make that switch, life becomes easier, and stress symptoms—depression, anxiety, overeating, high blood pressure—tend to fade. Finally, instead of focusing on the symptoms of stress, we can change the wiring that triggers it and experience new sense of freedom in our lives.

Are You Tired and Wired? - Your Proven 30-Day Program for Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue and Feeling Fantastic Again
by Marcelle Pick

Available formats:Hardcover

isbn: 978-1-4019-2819-3

Synopsis »

There is an epidemic of fatigue running rampant in our society. Every  morning, hundreds of thousands of women wake up to find themselves  exhausted, overwhelmed, and overstressed. Groggily turning off the  alarm, they reach for coffee, soda, or some other promise of energy.  They suffer through the day—irritable, on edge, forgetful, depressed,  and craving sweets. And then, at night, they have trouble sleeping.  Diet and exercise don't seem to change things—if they even have the  energy to follow these programs. So what on earth is going on?  In Are You Tired and Wired?, Marcelle Pick, co-founder of Women to  Women—one of the first clinics in the country devoted to providing  health care for women by women—and the author of The Core Balance Diet,  focuses on the root cause of these symptoms: adrenal dysfunction.  With all the stresses that exist today—from challenges at home and at  work to environmental toxins to chronic health problems—the adrenal  glands, which are responsible for providing the fight-or-flight  hormones, can force the body to endure a constant flood of stress  hormones that can ultimately lead to multiple health issues, especially  severe fatigue. The good news is that through diet, lifestyle  adjustments, and reprogramming of stressful emotional patterns this can all be fixed! Pick helps readers identify which of three adrenal dysfunction profiles they fit—racehorse, workhorse, or flatliner—and then lays out an easy-to-follow, scientifically based program to help them restore adrenal balance, re-gear their metabolism, and regain their natural energy to live a happier and less-stressed life.

Anxiety Free - Unravel Your Fears Before They Unravel You
by Robert L. Leahy


Available formats: Hardcover
isbn: 978-1-4019-2163-7
Synopsis »

In his new book, Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book The Worry Cure, turns his attention to anxiety. Leahy looks at the origin of anxiety and teaches you how to outsmart your fears for a less stressful life. He lays out the symptoms associated with some of the most common anxiety disorders, including panic and agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and post-traumatic stress and provides simple, step-by-step guides to help you overcome the fears associated with each of these.

Anxiety Free explores how preprogrammed rules of reaction, which are a product of the evolutionary process, keep us in the grip of anxiety. For each anxiety disorder, Leahy shows how our fears and unchallenged assumptions stand in the way of our freedom.

Using Leahy's methods, which are based on the best psychological treatments available, you will be able to work toward a life free from the apprehension, tension, and avoidance associated with anxiety.

The Vitamin D Revolution - How the Power of This Amazing Vitamin Can Change Your Life
by Soram Khalsa, M.D.

Available formats: Paperback
isbn: 978-1-4019-2470-6

Synopsis »

Recent, groundbreaking medical research has made a connection between Vitamin D deficiency and 17 types of cancers, including breast, colon, and prostate. Illnesses such as influenza, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and coronary heart disease have also been connected to a lack of this vitamin. Until not too long ago, not getting enough Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) was only associated with rickets, the childhood bone disease.

Now, Soram Khalsa, M.D., sheds new light on the power of this long-forgotten vitamin. He reveals how to recognize signs of Vitamin D deficiency, which has reached epidemic proportions in North America, and then shares insights from his Beverly Hills medical practice, where he normalizes his own patients' Vitamin D levels for their optimal health.

Heal Your Body
by Louise L. Hay

Available formats: Paperback
isbn: 0-937611-35-2
Synopsis »
This handy "little blue book" offers positive new thought patterns to replace negative emotions. It includes an alphabetical chart of physical ailments, the probable causes, and healing affirmations to help you eliminate old patterns.

Why People Don't Heal And How They Can
by Caroline Myss, P.h.D

Available formats: Paperback
isbn: 978-0609802243
Synopsis »
For more than fifteen years, Caroline Myss has studied why some people heal, while others do not. In her previous book, Anatomy of the Spirit, Dr. Myss illuminated the hidden interactions of belief and body, soul and cell to show how, as she inimitably puts it, "your biography becomes your biology." In this new book, she builds on her earlier teachings of the seven different energy centers of the body to provide a vital self-healing program for physical and spiritual disorders. With her characteristic no-nonsense style and high-voltage storytelling, she exposes and explodes the five myths about healing, explains the cultural and individual contexts in which people become physically and spiritually ill and invested in "woundology," and teaches new methods of working with the challenges that the seven energy centers embody.
Both visionary and practical, Why People Don't Heal and How They Can presents a bold new account of the development of human consciousness and spirituality over the ages, and examines the dynamic global transformation of attitudes about healing. To help you get and stay on the path to wellness, Dr. Myss provides rituals and prayers for gaining a symbolic perspective on your life issues; for bolstering your personal power; and for connecting with a universal divine energy. Dr. Myss's breakthrough views on energy medicine and her active approach to healing life issues and physical illness will help you overcome the mental blocks that keep you from becoming well.

Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing
by John Robbins

Available formats: Paperback
isbn: 978-0915811809

Synopsis »
Reclaiming Our Health is best-selling author John Robbins biggest and most important book to date. Elaborately researched and fluidly written, Reclaiming Our Health is a provocative and crystal-clear commentary on one of the most complex issues facing America todaynational health care. In an epic look at the human and financial consequences of the polarization of traditional and alternative medicine, John Robbins calls for nothing short of a revolution in the basic beliefs on which traditional health care is provided. Robbins has written a masterpiece that will be as popular with people unhappy with the medical establishment as Diet for a New America is with critics of the meat industry. Although we spend $1 trillion each year on health care, the toll in human suffering from degenerative disease continues to rise and many in our country cannot afford basic health care. Meanwhile, women are growing increasingly frustrated with the care they receive from a male-dominated system; and the incidence of dangerous communicable diseases is growing. There are answers to these problems and the myriad others that we face, but the dogmatic and monopolistic beliefs held by modern medicine are preventing us from finding the. Reclaiming Our Health presents a brilliant, refreshing, and uplifting new vision of what health care might be.

Mindful Eating
by Miraval


Available formats: Hardcover
isbn: 978-1-4019-3823-9
Synopsis »

Internationally renowned and award-winning, Miraval Resort & Spa sits at the foot of the sprawling Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona. There, nestled within the warm desert landscape, Miraval is the premier destination for life betterment-a place where guests feel, are, and can be more. 

Since its beginning in 1996, Miraval has upheld a powerfully simple vision: life is more meaningful and enjoyable when one's physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual components are in balance. The pioneer for mindfulness in every aspect of life, one of the pillars of Miraval's success is that healthy food can taste good. Long celebrated for delectable masterpieces in spa cuisine, Miraval's culinary team has created this compilation of balanced recipes, representing an invitation to continue eating the Miraval way-by expanding and mixing and learning more about one's needs while bringing diet into balance.

300x250 Graphics PanicAway: Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good
by Barry McDonagh

Available formats: digital audio & ebooks
isbn: -
Synopsis »

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good

If you suffer from…

  • Palpitations
  • a pounding heart, or an accelerated heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Shortness of breath
  • A choking sensation
  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Derealization (a feeling of unreality)
  • Fear of losing control or going crazy
  • Fear of dying Numbness or a tingling sensation
  • Chills or hot flashes

(Source: American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) 2000 Washington, DC.) …then you've experienced firsthand some of the possible symptoms of a panic or anxiety attack. If you are reading this page because a loved one suffers from these symptoms and you are trying to understand or help, it's hard to appreciate what they go through.

Just try to imagine what it feels like to experience one, if you can.

Here is a typical example:

Standing in a supermarket queue, it's been a long wait but only one customer to go before you make it to the cashier. Wait, what was that sensation? An unpleasant feeling forms in your throat, your chest feels tighter, now a sudden shortness of breath, and what do you know—your heart skips a beat. "Please, God, not here."

A quick scan of the territory—is it threatening? Four unfriendly faces queue behind, one person in front. Pins and needles seem to prick you through your left arm, you feel slightly dizzy, and then the explosion of fear as you dread the worst. You are about to have a panic attack.

There is no doubt in your mind now that this is going to be a big one. Okay, focus: Remember what you have been taught, and it is time now to apply the coping techniques. Begin the deep breathing exercise your doctor recommended. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Think relaxing thoughts, and again, while breathing in, think "Relax," and then breathe out. But it doesn't seem to be having any positive effect; in fact, just concentrating on breathing is making you feel self-conscious and more uptight.

Okay, coping technique 2:

Gradual muscle relaxation. Tense both shoulders, hold for 10 seconds, then release. Try it again. No; still no difference. The anxiety is getting worse and the very fact that you are out of coping techniques worsens your panic. If only you were surrounded by your family, or a close friend were beside you so you could feel more confident in dealing with this situation.

Now, the adrenaline is really pumping through your system, your body is tingling with uncomfortable sensations, and now the dreaded feeling of losing complete control engulfs your emotions. No one around you has any idea of the sheer terror you are experiencing. For them, it's just a regular day and another frustratingly slow queue in the supermarket.

You are out of options. Time for Plan C.

The most basic coping skill of all is "fleeing." Excuse yourself from the queue; you are slightly embarrassed as it is now that it is your turn to pay. The cashier is looking bewildered as you leave your shopping behind and stroll towards the door. There is no time for excuses—you need to be alone. You leave the supermarket and get into your car to ride it out alone. Could this be the big one? The one you fear will push you over the edge mentally and physically. Ten minutes later the panic subsides.

It's 10:30 a.m. How are you going to make it through the rest of the day?

If you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks, the above scenerio probably sounds very familiar. It may have even induced feelings of anxiety and panic just reading it. The particular situations that trigger your panic and anxiety may differ; maybe the bodily sensations are a little different. Or maybe it happened to you for the first time on a plane, in the dentist chair, or even at home, while doing nothing in particular.

If you have ever had what has become known as a "panic attack," take comfort in the fact that you are by no means alone.

A panic attack always comes with the acute sense of impending doom. You feel you are either about to lose your mind or one of your vital bodily functions is about to cease functioning and you will end your days right there among the canned goods and frozen food.

You are by no means alone; you're not even one in a million. In America, it is estimated that almost 5% of the population suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. For some, it may be the infrequent panic attacks that only crop up in particular situations-like when having to speak in front of others, while, for other people, it can be so frequent and recurring that it inhibits them from leaving their home. Frequent panic attacks often develop into what medical physicians refer to as an "anxiety disorder."

One of the first steps to regaining control of your life is getting helpful information. This site will give you that, and more.

The beginning of your recovery starts here. What you will learn is that there is a very good chance you are about to end the cycle of panic attacks in your life. You will learn not only to regain the carefree life you remember once having, but will also gain new confidence in living. Your answer to living free from "panic" or "anxiety attacks" is at hand.

This site demonstrates that the panic and anxiety that you have experienced will be the very key to your courage and success.

Begin the road to recovery by browsing through the site. While many of you may have read almost everything you can possibly read relating to panic and anxiety I assure you this site offers something very effective.

Did you know…?

The key difference between someone who is cured of panic attacks and those who are not is really very simple. The people who are cured no longer fear panic attacks. I'll try to show you how to be one of these people as well.

What if I told you the trick to ending panic and anxiety attacks is to want to have one. That sounds strange, even contradictory, but let me explain.

The trick to panic attacks is wanting to have one-the wanting pushes it away. Can you have a panic attack in this very second? No!

You know the saying that "what you resist, persists." Well that saying applies perfectly to fear. If you resist a situation out of fear, the fear around that issue will persist. How do you stop resisting–you move directly into it, into the path of the anxiety, and by doing so it cannot persist.

In essence what this means is that if you daily voluntarily seek to have a panic attack, you cannot have one. Try in this very moment to have a panic attack and I will guarantee you cannot. You may not realize it but you have always decided to panic. You make the choice by saying this is beyond my control.

Another way to appreciate this is to imagine having a panic attack as like standing on a cliff's edge. The anxiety seemingly pushes you closer to falling over the edge.

To be rid of the fear you must metaphorically jump. You must jump off the cliff edge and into the anxiety and fear and all the things that you fear most.

How do you jump? You jump by wanting to have a panic attack. You go about your day asking for anxiety and panic attacks to appear.

Your real safety is the fact that a panic attack will never harm you. That is medical fact. You are safe, the sensations are wild but no harm will come to you. Your heart is racing but no harm will come to you. The jump becomes nothing more than a two foot drop! Perfectly safe.

Learn more:
Barry McDonagh is an international panic disorder coach. His informative site on all issues related to panic and anxiety attacks can be found here:

Paleo Cookbooks - Recipes for the Paleo Diet Paleo Cookbooks - Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Preservative-Free
by Nikki Young

Available formats: Digital download
isbn: -
Synopsis »

The Nutrition Of Our Hunter Gatherer Ancestors

Our modern diet and lifestyle is in crisis mode because of the rapid progression of modern civilized living and the fast integration of processed foods we now find everywhere today. Most of the rapid changes in the modern diet has takenplace within the last 110 years - the world is becoming so polluted and changing so quickly that humans can't adapt to the changes, however, knowing that we can't go backwards and remove of all of the technology we require for the huge population of this world, in order toadapt to these rapid changes and continue to thrive we must start genetically modifying humans.

You DON'T need to be genetically modified to be healthy in our modern living conditions - you simply need to understand how you were meant to live and eat. You are a human that wasn't made to be living in the modern conditions that we are today, you are still made to optimally live as a hunter gatherer, eating foods from nature - not these overly processed, sugar-laden foods lining supermarket shelves and available as fast food around every corner.

The agriculture and technology in place today is necessary for the population of the world, however the changes to our diets in only the past 110 years has been so dramatic that our health is suffering - Big Time. It is no coincidence that the shifting of our diets only 110 years ago has resulted in the rise of health conditions we are all so familiar with. And these changes not only include the increased consumption of grains, sugar and processed foods with preservatives and additives and the health implications they have. But also the consequences resulting from the consumption of these foodsshifting the focus of our diets as a whole. These consequences include:

  • The lowering of quality nutrient intake in our diet
  • Sugar consumption increasing per person from less than 10lb in 1820 to over 100lbtoday!
  • Calorie intake increasing 20% in the last 40 years!

Our diets have changed in the past 110 years from simple, homemade meals that where minimally refined and low in added sugars and fats, to one which ishyper-palatable, commercially engineered, heavily refined and is extremely highin added sugars and fats! Go back in time - back before the agricultural revolution, back before we processed and refined foods and simply start eating foods provided by Mother Nature – foods eaten by our hunter-gatherer ancestors that are designed for thehuman digestive system – when you do this, you will begin to experience wonderful, natural and lasting positive improvements to your health.

How can eating natural foods promote such wonderful results? Simple: It is the nutritional value within each and every single food source that our body thrives for. It is the vitamins, minerals, protein, fats and low GI carbohydrates that maintains the health of every organ in our body – and when everything is functioning optimally, you can't help but to experience all thebenefits associated with good health.

This is why I have created the Paleo Cookbooks, a total collection of hundreds of my favorite paleo friendly recipes that will help you follow the healthiest and most nutritious diet in the world. These cookbooks contain:

  • NO Grains
  • NO Potatoes
  • NO Lentils
  • VDairy
  • NO Processed Sugars
  • NO Preservatives

When you consume foods we as humans have evolved to eat, while simultaneously eliminating the over processed sugar laden foods now linked to causing the many diseases we are faced with in society today, your body will be provided with thepure nutrition that will assist in normalizing your body weight and improvingyour health and longevity.

You and I are designed to eat and live off the land, to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and animals – this is the ultimate secret (which isn'treally a secret) to optimal health, losing weight, staying lean, improved performance, reduced risk of injury and faster recovery and healing.






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