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Native American Books

Below is a selection of books by or about the Native American culture, spirituality, philosophy and history. Some informative, some inspirational, and some make you just plain mad.


Bury MyHeart at Wounded Knee : An Indian History of theAmerican West
Author: Dee Brown

Bury My Heart at Wounded KneeBury My Heart at Wounded Knee is a fully documented account of the systematic destruction of the American Indian during the second half of the 19th century. A unique and disturbing narrative told with force and clarity, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee changed forever our vision of how the West was really won. It is shattering, appalling, compelling. One wonders, reading this searing, heartbreaking book, who, indeed, were the savages.

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Mountains,Meadows and Moonbeams:
Author - Mary Summer Rain

Mountains Meadows Moonbeams A Child's Spiritual Reader

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The Wayof the Shaman
Author: by Michael J. Harner

The Way Of The ShamanAn intimate and practical guide to the art of shamanic healing and the technology of the sacred

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ExploringNative American Wisdom : Lore, Traditions, andRituals That Connect Us All
Author: Fran Dancing Feather, Rita Robinson

Exploring Native American WisdomWhy was I born? Why must I die? How can I interact with the universe? Are there really visions? Is there a Deity? Exploring Native American Wisdom reveals how to live fully in a rapidly changing world, while reopening the ancient door to the divine power and wisdom within.

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MotherEarth, Father Sky: Native American Wisdom
Author: Felicia Sarrette Wiggins

Mother Earth - Father Sky
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Standingin the Light: A Lakota Way of Seeing
Author: Severt Young Bear, RE Theisz, RD Theiz

Standing In The LightAn inside view of the Lakota world - of the meaning of Lakota song and dance, of their history, of what it is to be Lakota in America today ... A lasting personal tribute to the Lakota way of living (Whole Earth Review)

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In Beauty May I Walk : Words of Peace and Wisdom by Native American
Author: Helen Exley

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WisdomTales from Around the World:
Author: Heather Forest

Wisdom Tales from Around the WorldFifty Gems of Story & Wisdom from Such Diverse Traditions As Sufi, Zen, Taoist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, African, Native American

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WisdomWarrior: Native American Animal Legends
Author: Dennis L. Olson

Wisdom Warrior
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NativeAmerican Wisdom (The Classic Wisdom Collection)
Author: Kent Nerburn

Native American WisdomThis book isolates the essence of Native American wisdom: the essential harmony of natural and human worlds--in short, accessible bits of philosophy.

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MedicineCards: The Discovery of Power Through the Waysof Animals
Author: Jamie Sams

Medicine CardsA potent yet refreshingly simple divination tool that can help us reconnect to the sources of life's natural guidance. This work is plentiful, overflowing with the richness of Native American way of life...sound, truthful, and assured. (Yoga Journal)

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The Sacred Hoop: Recovering the Feminine in American IndianTraditions
Author: Paula Gunn Allen

The Sacred HoopThis pioneering work documents the continuing vitality of the American Indian tradition and of women's leadership within that tradition. Allen also reflects on the remarkable resurgence of American Indian pride and culture in recent times.

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The Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality
Author: Judy Bopp

The Sacred TreeCreated by the Four Worlds Development Project, a native American inter-tribal group, as a handbook of Native Spirituality for indigenous peoples all over the Americas and the world. Through the guidance of the tribal elders, Native values and traditions are being taught as the primary key to unlocking the force that will move Native peoples on the path of their own development. The elders have prophesied that by returning to traditional values, native societies can be transformed. This transformtion would then have a healing effect on our entire planet.

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Between Earth & Sky: Legends of Native American Sacred Places
Author: Joseph Bruchac

Between Earth & SkyA collection of ten Native American legends celebrates our nation's most awe-inspiring natural landscapes, from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, in a book is complemented by a tribal homeland chart and magnificent landscape paintings.

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Fourth World of the Hopis : The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians As Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions
Author: Harold Courlander

The Fourth World of the HopisTraditional accounts of epic events and adventures in the life of Hopi clans and villages, from legendary to historical times. The setting is a vast and largely unpeopled wilderness in which clans and families wandered in search of a final living place, and in search of their collective identity.

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Profiles in Wisdom : Native Elders Speak About the Earth
Author: Steven McFadden

Profiles in WisdomAs our existing culture shifts, what do the ancient ones who have been trained in the sacred traditions of this land have to say to us? With this question, McFadden begins his quest to interview Native American elders, who counsel that we must reestablish a deep and lasting connection with the planet in order to ensure its preservation

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Wisdom of the Elders: Sacred Native Stories of Nature
Author: David Suzuki, Peter Knudtson

Wisdom Of the EldersThe ecological answers and solutions we need to our current global environmental crisis are embedded in this living mosaic of profound indigenous insights into the workings of the natural world. These ancestral and contemporary natural perspectives and stories can save our lives and our planet.

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Wisdomkeepers: Meetings With Native American Spiritual Elders
Author: Steve Wall, Harvey Arden

Wisdom KeepersWithin the Sioux, Iroquois, Seminole, Ojibway, Hopi, Ute, and other native tribes are spiritual elders who preserve a sacred and millennia-old legacy. In this edition, portraiture and profiles are coupled to reveal the strengths and fragilities of these extraordinary people. Readers share the innermost thoughts and feelings, the dreams and visions, the laughter, the healing remedies, and the prophecies of the Wisdomkeepers.

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Wisdom's Daughters: Conversations With Women Elders of Native America
Author: Steve Wall, Harvey Arden

Wisdom's DaughtersThe co-author of the bestselling Wisdomkeepers interviews women elders of several Native American nations to reveal the fascinating knowledge, philosophies, and traditions of their ancestry and transcribes their wide-ranging commentary on relationships, child rearing, medicine, contemporary life, and other subjects.

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Music on this page:
from the cd GoodMedicine by John Two-Hawks - American Indian Lakota flute player & musician.
Used here with permission.

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Music on this page:
excerpt of "Wind Voices" from cd Good Medicine by John Two-Hawks
- American Indian Lakota flute player& musician.
Used here with permission.

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