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Secrets Of Prosperity
by J Donald Walters

Secrets Of Prosperity
J Donald Walters

  1. Contentment; not a bank account.

  2. Happiness; for a determination simply to be happy attracts prosperity. Happiness is, at the same time, the best definition of prosperity.

  3. Generosity; for by sharing with others the good that life gives us we can open up the well-springs of abundance.

  4. Including the good of all in your own quest for abundance.

  5. Recognition of the part you play in the great Symphony of Life. For Life will sustain you, if you attune yourself to its harmonics.

  6. Working with, not against, life's changing rhythms.

  7. Looking behind the obstacles you face in life, to the opportunities they represent.

  8. Seeing failure as a corrective, not as a misfortune.

  9. To diversify, not your financial investments merely, as monetary counsellors recommend, but more importantly - your investments of energy. Cultivate fresh ideas, fresh interests, fresh relationships, fresh reasons for enjoying your life.

  10. Faith; in yourself, in others, in Life's abundance.

  11. To break the hypnosis of self-limitation. The heights that any person has attained can be attained again by others - by anyone, each in his or her own way - given enough time, dedication and focused energy.

  12. Not to fritter energy away with trivial desires. A leaking tap, drop by drop, wastes many litres.

  13. Finding pleasure in simplicity.

  14. Holding positive expectations, supported by a dynamic will.

  15. Recognising that people can be your best investment. Be a true friend to all.

  16. Realising that what you own is held by you in trust. Treat it responsibly. If you squander it, the trust will pass to another.

  17. Finding strength in yourself. Don't wait for passing waves to propel you forward.

  18. Realising that one cannot truly prosper by the diminshment of others. Bless everyone. An expansion of self-identity is a mark of prosperity, and also a condition for its attainment.

  19. Extending a willing hand to the needy, helping them, above all, to help themselves.

  20. Common sense; don't depend on luck, but on a realistic assessment of whatever situation you face. Only in practical stages can you transform 'improbables' into realities.

  21. To remember - the higher the mountain, the harder the effort needed to conquer it. Success is not for the weak-hearted, It is for those who never rest until they attain their ideals.

  22. The willingness to sacrifice non-essentials for essentials.

  23. To live in the present - not in past attainment, nor in future victories.

  24. The patience to adjust action to reality. In every setback, try to understand what life is trying to teach you.

  25. Envying no-one. View others' successes and failures empathically, as your own.

  26. Inventiveness; success in any field demands the creative outlook of an artist.

  27. To feed it daily with fresh, new ideas - lest, like a still pond, it stagnates.

by J Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)
from the book, "Secrets Of Prosperity"
published by Crystal Clarity Publishers
re-printed here with permission

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