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The Art Of Manifestation

The Art Of Manifestation
(or The Law Of Attraction)


The 'Art' of Manifestation is really not based on talent and skill, but the simple recognition of the most fundamental universal law.

The Universe supplies exactly and absolutely what you perceive your reality to be, that is to say, what you believe in.

If your appeal is "I want ...", then it gives you precisely that, more of WANT, and not WHAT you want, for your reality is that you WANT.

Rather, state the most powerful words in existence: "I AM...", and then add what you perceive yourself to be and KNOW that it already IS. Do not hope or wish for - simply know that it already IS and give thanks.

The immediacy of the intended manifestation is in direct proportion to the FEELING with which you charge your thoughts and words. As you still believe in time, it may take a little time to translate into the physical, but it MUST manifest.



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